Proprep Launches New B2B Offering: Boost brings Proprep’s trusted learning resources directly to educators

March 18th, 2022

London, UK: Two years since the COVID-19 outbreak rapidly forced all university learning to go remote, educators are embracing the advantages of online instruction in combination with a return to face-to-face learning. E-learning company Proprep, longtime advocate of blended learning models, has launched Boost, a new educator-facing platform that gives university lecturers access to Proprep’s curated STEM content as well as the ability to create their own. With AI-powered learning technology, Boost offers short, practical video tutorials which improve student engagement and learning outcomes, accessible within an easy-to-use database.

Proprep is a leading provider of high-quality, customised learning resources. Thus far, Proprep’s subscription-based service has allowed students to create accounts and individually explore their course library. Boost will give educators access to this library of thousands of video tutorials and practice problems, enabling them to assign work and additional resources to their students. As well as saving lecturers time, this aims to enhance student understanding and improve their academic outcomes, which are easily trackable for educators both individually and as a collective within the platform.

“At Proprep, we believe that STEM subjects are key to the future workforce and a crucial launchpad for social mobility,” commented Kate Ryan, Proprep’s Director of Business Development. “Our educational resources help to reduce dropout rates, ensure higher attainment in core mathematical and scientific skills, and so increase student employability. “

Boost can support flipped classroom models and asynchronous learning, create foundational or prerequisite study for cohorts of mixed abilities, assign a video “viewing list”, or upload lecturers’ own content to provide context to existing videos or questions. Launching this week, the first set of courses on Boost covers Foundational Mathematics, including College Algebra, Calculus I, and Calculus II, as well as Introductory Statistics and Probability.
Katharine Jackson, Proprep CEO commented, “We care deeply about equality of opportunity, and want to give every STEM student access to trusted learning tools which will enable them to excel. I am delighted that with Boost we have a new platform to foster this goal.”

About Proprep: Proprep is a subsidiary of Kvasir Education, listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange as KVSR. More information about the platform and their resources can be found at