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Proprep is an education technology company with headquarters in London, New York and Tel Aviv, which has helped over 500,000 students worldwide to achieve academic success since its inception. We are a leading provider of high-quality, customised learning resources. Our mission is to ensure that every STEM student has access to trusted online learning tools which will enable them to excel, and to close the gap in STEM education.

Our resources enable significant improvement in academic outcomes, enhancing levels of student understanding, reducing dropout rates and raising student satisfaction levels. We increase employability for students by ensuring a higher level of attainment in core mathematical and scientific skills. We do this because we believe that STEM subjects are key to the future workforce and a crucial launchpad for social mobility. We care deeply about equality of opportunity and that access to education should be available to all.

Video learning and practice questions are highly effective in providing a richer, more engaging learning experience for students. A 2021 study by the American Educational Research Association found that when students watched videos in addition to their existing classes, the average grade rose from a B to an A.

Proprep’s subscription-based service allows students to create accounts and explore our course library. Boost, our new educator-facing offering, empowers lecturers to assign work and additional resources to their students, saving them time and enhancing their ability to track learning outcomes. This increased efficiency will give educators increased time to focus on the more complex elements of teaching as well as their own research. All resources are created by our team of professors, each with over ten years of teaching experience, and are accessible anytime and from any device.

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